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“Wild. Provocative. Beyond the limits of literature and media art.” – Basler Zeitung

“Brilliant and inspired.” – New York Press

“The Lower East Side Agit-Lore Artist.” – Village Voice

Paul Skiff creates beautifully complex multimedia forms of art that startle our expectations. Based on use of the live voice, incorporating exaggerations and distortions of technology, Paul’s unique combinations of writing, music, poetry and visuals invite human sensuality to flourish. Full of stark moods, loaded with intelligent laughter, led by the force of spoken words, his visions lull or exhilarate by turns packed with aesthetic surprise. Pervasive technology we take for granted, the microphone, the image projector, often barely keep up with the highly innovative forms Paul composes and sets off. His work puts forth a challenge for the dull everyday world to validate its claims on our notion of what is acceptable as the human condition. Through his highly pleasureable, aggressively innovative, charismatic work, Paul shows us respect for our own being can shatter the misdirections and mistaken priorities imposed upon the world we live in.

“Paul Skiff writes with a furious music all his own. Equal parts subconscious imagery and shocking logic, his work aims to change the status quo by sheer force of sound.” -The Kitchen

From 1980 when Paul first stood up in public to speak his writing as live art, through his 1992 sound design for the ground-breaking landmark recording of spoken poetry Nuyorican Symphony, in 20 years of wide ranging production work directing, managing and assisting events for organizations in the United States, Africa, Asia, and Europe, to his recent audio recordings, Paul’s cultural initiative reflects a unique commitment and leadership that translates into a formidable talent for touching audiences across social and cultural boundaries. Paul’s unique vision of a practical art advocates the re-humanization of all culture whether we are ready or not.

“Paul Skiff transports feeling with amazing passion and clarity. If it is pain that wraps itself around his words, watch out, the hurt penetrates deeply. If his intent is pleasure, you’ll find yourself shivering in joy.” -Miguel Algarin